Driving a Strategic Transformation Program

How to develop and anchor a new paradigm for change in a global organization?

The Challenge

Ramboll has experienced high growth – from 2.500 to around 12.000 people. This has lead to changes in the central structure and an increased need to formalize how to manage internal change.

In this new structural paradigm, Ramboll faced challenges in implementing its strategies, and delays in realizing the intended benefits of its transformation portfolio. In addition, the organization experienced frequent organizational changes, leading to a diminishing willingness to implement new initiatives.

The Outcome

Through a thorough research and change assessment sprint within the C-level in the organization we agreed and detailed the core levers for success:

  1. Alignment in Corporate Strategic Direction
  2. Connecting to the Business
  3. Processes, tools and skills

We created an actionable 10-month roadmap and provided clear roles and responsibilities to C-level Directors.

In addition, the project was anchored by crafting a shared methodology to ensure successful implementation & value realization for all future transformation initiatives.

“We hired Intellishore because we wanted to evaluate our maturity in handling our business transformation programs and our ability to realize the intended value from those. The result was a strong vision and a solid foundation for developing and maturing Ramboll’s mindset, competencies and infrastructure within business transformation for many years to come.”
Group Business Transformation Director

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