Intellishore at a glance

Intellishore at a glance

Intellishore was founded in 2013 with the idea of providing clients with a seamless combination of strategy and technical support.

Today, we are more than 20 skilled, entrepreneurial and passionate employees from many different backgrounds; engineers, economists, marketeers and we even have a rhetorician (with a degree in economics, but still).

We are all Intellishorians; a family, a unique collective of passionate professionals who have jumped at the chance to be part of a larger journey.

Karma. Always.

Karma. Always.

At Intellishore, we believe in good karma and relations above all.

Karma is not only about the universal causal law in which your actions are reflected in your future existence. Karma also means to take action. And that is exactly what we do. We help our clients achieve their goals by always bringing tangible solutions to the table and by enabling every project with energy and an entrepreneurial twist.


This is how we stand out

At Intellishore, we apply the same approach in all client projects – no matter the size or scope. Our unique approach consists of four elements:

1. Cross-disciplinary teams on all projects

2. Always address people and data challenges in parallel

3. Structure projects around 4 – 6 week sprints

4. Ensure clients are self-sufficient after 3 months

From public sector to multinational organizations

We help clients across industries and of all shapes and sizes to realize true business value from their digital transformation projects
Intellishore has succeeded in making BI operational through solid engagement with the business, leading to sound prioritization and buy-in from the management
Mikkel Hecht
Systems Finance Manager, Nordisk Film



Are you interested in learning more about being an Intellishorian? Then don’t hesitate to reach out.

We are on an exciting growth journey and are always interested in hearing from curious, ambitious and like-minded people.

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