Next Level Business Intelligence & Analytics

Nordisk Film management has a vision of becoming more data-driven to deliver higher value to their customers while working smarter and more efficiently.
Key Stakeholders
interviewed for the initial business intelligence maturity assessment
from analysis and strategy development to building new technical platform and delivering solution for largest BU
BI Tools
included in the business intelligence & analytics tool assessment

The Challenge

Nordisk Film had already established an early-stage analytics organization with a high willingness to evolve their data foundation and technical setup.

This provided a good base for becoming more data-driven, but at the same time, core business units had issues with the current technical setup, vastly differing analytics needs and competency levels.

As such, Nordisk film asked Intellishore to help them on their journey towards decision-making optimization by:
1) Engaging the business to assess maturity, current setup and strategic considerations
2) Setting the strategic direction for how to succeed with business intelligence and analytics in Nordisk Film
3) Executing a tool assessment of a chosen range of BI tools
4) Assessing where to lift analytics competencies against the plan


The Outcome

The Outcome

Anchoring of operational and actionable 9-month business intelligence & analytics roadmap divided into three tactical themes:

1) Strong data foundation – secure structure, access, enrichment and alignment of data in common data warehouse

2) Actionable insights – deliver readily available data in a user-friendly manner

3) Right-fit competencies – educate and empower the business units to become data-driven with the right skills and mindset


What does our sponsor say?

Meet out partner from Nordisk Film, Mikkel Hecht who is the Head of BI and has been the primus motor behind our collaboration.

“Intellishore has succeeded in making BI operational through solid engagement with the business, leading to sound prioritization and buy-in from the management. The work is imperative on our journey towards becoming a full-fledged data driven organization with respect for the high diversity across the different business units”

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