Roll-out and Anchoring of CRM & Commercial Reporting Platforms

Originating from a strategic ambition to achieve a stronger understanding of customers' needs, the healthcare organization had initiated the launch of a new global CRM platform as the key lever for better collaboration across functional areas. To help the process, we were asked to support in two critical areas; (1) driving the launch & anchoring of the CRM platform and (2) leading the development of a commercial reporting platform based on the front-end technology, Qlik Sense.
Adopting the commercial insight tools
Trained and upskilled in new ways of working
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Customized Reports
Targeting four functional areas within Commercial Excellence

The Challenge

The organization faced a large transition to the new CRM platform (IQVIA OCE Sales & Marketing) with the goal of increasing collaboration across business functions alongside empowering unified and transparent dialogues with HCPs. With an initial scope comprising 33 affiliates, the ability to balance a unified rollout and adoption with a dedicated understanding of each affiliate’s organizational- and technical setup was vital.

With a solid base of experience, we were identified as a firm fit to drive the two complementing project streams:

1. Rollout & Anchoring of CRM Platform

An end-to-end rollout of the OCE CRM Platform with supporting adoption initiatives to a sub-group of affiliates

2. Development of Commercial Reporting Platform

The expansion and development of a commercial reporting platform in Qlik Sense, empowering users with standardized regional multichannel and sales reporting via training and dedicated upskilling




Step 1  |  Rollout & Launch Approach

1. OCE CRM Platform

With more than 500 users in scope, the rollout of the new OCE CRM Platform was highly complex. To secure buy-in and a successful anchoring of the new platform as well as new ways of working, the rollout was structured around some core principles:

  • Continuous stakeholder contact and collaboration to secure smooth progress and respect for deadlines
  • Onboarding, vision, and continuous awareness communication to strengthen user engagement
  • Alignment on local system set-up, roles and responsibilities to mitigate potential risks
  • Coordination of the technical migration between systems, including UAT
  • Tracking of readiness levels and confidence to secure strong adoption, including dedicated user training sessions
  • Dedicated hyper care period to support the anchoring of the new ways of working


Commercial Reporting Platform




2. Commercial Reporting Platform

In line with the launch of the new OCE CRM Platform, efforts to increase standardized performance tracking of CRM and sales activities across functions were initiated. This resulted in the expansion and development of a new reporting platform in Qlik Sense built on AWS to integrate multiple data sources. The outset for the reporting solution comprised to enable the right insights at each level of the organization to create value and transparency with a standard regional fit. Building upon the data from the new OCE CRM Platform, a solid Qlik Sense reporting suite was established.

To nurture the commercial reporting platform’s launch, a 2-month conceptual launch model with clear service offerings was developed, taking into consideration the fluctuating reporting and system experience across affiliates. To assist the launch and adoption progress in the best possible way, all affiliates were assisted through 5 phases.





Step 2 | Adoption & Anchoring

Step 2 | Adoption & Anchoring

Across the two project streams, a variety of adoption and go-live initiatives were offered to support a strong anchoring of the OCE CRM Platform and the Qlik Sense Reporting suite among end-users. More specifically, a customized training program was delivered to a group of super-users, who were upskilled in training and implementing the two platforms in the daily operations of end-users. As part of go-live, supporting training material in the form of ‘how-to’ videos, quick guides, FAQs, exercises, and webinars were offered to all users. A dedicated hyper care period with follow-up sessions and reinforcement surveys played a critical role in the further adoption across the affiliates.





“Intellishore has been a trusted partner in the roll-out of our new commercial platform by securing empowerment of our local users while supporting efforts to increase our performance tracking of commercial activities"

The Outcome

At the final state of the project, all involved affiliates completed the structured approach to the launches of the new OCE CRM platform and Qlik Sense Reporting Suite. 33 affiliates were off to a flying start allowing each to strengthen and align objectives internally while supporting their customers’ individual needs and customer journey.

With the iterative way of approaching the rollouts and launches, the processes were continuously redefined based on the valuable learnings, securing an even better experience for the new users at hand. Thus, with an iterative approach, dedicated training sessions along with the establishment of supportive learning platforms, more than 500 users were ultimately empowered to set cross-functional targets and objectives in the OCE CRM Platform while performing standardized regional multi-channel and sales reporting in Qlik Sense to track progress on customer engagements.

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