Global Performance Optimization

How to manage global change in a company that operates locally?
Key Stakeholders
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Cost Saving Potential
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The Challenge

There were widespread concerns amongst stakeholders regarding the reliability of their existing launch reporting data setup. Through a set of user needs analyses, we identified 3 key challenges:

1) Questions on the validity of traditional KPIs

2) Limited use of shared insights and reviews

3) A lack of a consolidated portfolio view

The Outcome

A new prototype tool for tracking launches was developed to assess four key areas:

  1. Value of the trackers including a selection of KPIs and platforms
  2. Opportunities to reduce data cost
  3. Potential and attractiveness for adding external pre-launch KPIs
  4. Blueprint for changes required to deliver additional insights post-launch

Based on the launch tracker assessment executed we identified:

  • A strong need to improve the level of insight in the launch tracker through improved qualitative insights and additional focus on patient & market access data.
  • A cost-saving potential on external data sources of 50-70 % of weekly budget; amounting to a potential 2.25 mDKK in annual savings.
  • External pre-launch KPIs should not be used directly in the tracker, due to limited value or cost/compliance barriers.
  • Needed changes and established an actionable roadmap

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