Since 2013, Intellishore has helped organizations deliver successful digital transformations, turning data into insights through a seamless combination of strategic, technical, and analytical support. The life sciences industry is truly close to our hearts, and we take great pride in the digital solutions that we have delivered to pioneering life science companies across the data and analytics ecosystem.

In 2024 we opened our first international entity in Switzerland that will focus specifically on serving large multinational and pharmaceutical companies.

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From molecule to market - 5 ways we've helped our clients

From molecule to market - 5 ways we've helped our clients

001 | Cross-Value Chain Analytics Strategy

Prioritizing analytics efforts across R&D, manufacturing, and commercial operations

002 | Integrating and Democratizing Data

Building a scalable platform for seamless data sharing between e.g. Research and Clinical Ops.

003 | Fueling Commercial Analytics

Delivering insights to support business-critical processes e.g. sales force effectiveness

004 | Adoption from Management to Field Force

Tailoring adoption efforts to personas across the organization – anchoring new ways of working

005 | Boosting Forecast Accuracy

Ensuring product supply stability and reducing the risk of stock-outs by strengthened predictions


Intellishore Life Science Experience & Network

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At Intellishore, we have built a deep understanding and extensive experience delivering strategic and technical data & analytics solutions within everything from R&D to Commercial Excellence in Life Science. We have executed a multitude of digital transformation projects for some of the leading public and private organizations. Our network consists of +50 visionary life science players & individuals across the value chain. Should you be interested, we have previously held knowledge-sharing sessions where we have brought together some of the industry’s thought leaders with the intention of strengthening the overall digital maturity of the life science industry. If you want to know more, don’t hesitate to reach out!

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We are proud of our accomplishments and are always ready to share experiences. If you are interested in a knowledge-sharing session feel free to reach out to one of our Life Science Advisors

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Shankar Ralhan
Head of Strategy & Transformation
Mikkel Møller Andersen
Managing Director, Intellishore AG
"Intellishore has been a vital partner in our journey towards providing commercial teams across the organization with powerful and timely insights. Their understanding of the pharmaceutical industry and associated market dynamics combined with hands-on experience in building data analytics solutions, has been paramount for our path towards business effectiveness - and ultimately, helping the patients impacted in the market."
VP - Data, Digital & IT
Leading Danish Pharmaceutical Company

Our Approach to Commercial Excellence in Life Science

While we are incredibly proud of our projects in clinical operations, supply chain management, and other areas, there is no doubt that commercial analytics is a domain for which we have a special predilection. We have profound experience in empowering commercial leaders across brand, launch, marketing, and field force teams. Our history and track record have enabled us to guide life science companies on their journey toward accelerating commercial growth and ultimately ensuring that personas across the organization have access to relevant and timely insights.

Our approach

Achieving commercial excellence is ultimately determined by companies’ strategic ability to anticipate and quickly respond to emerging market opportunities – constantly adjusting where to play and how to win. Our experience reveals that the foundation for commercial excellence requires the correlation of three distinct areas:

  1. Measuring how gross sales are turned into EBITDA / FCF (based on ex-factory sales data)
  2. Monitoring how our ex-factory sales translate into market share and growth (based on market data from e.g. IQVIA, GERS, DLI, etc.)
  3. Managing and prioritizing the most cost-effective and impactful market activities (based on e.g. Veeva CRM or OCE data)

The only Data Partner to IQVIA in Denmark

The only Data Partner to IQVIA in Denmark

IQVIA is an integral part of most commercial, clinical, and regulatory projects in the life science industry and, thus an essential partner for succeeding in any transformational project. We are very proud of being IQVIA’s only OneKey data partner in Denmark.

Because of this partnership, our certified staff can facilitate a more coherent integration of IQVIA data and technologies, enabling us to turn life science-specific data into insights through a seamless combination of strategic, technical, and analytical advisory services.

A Top 10 Pharma Data & Analytics Company in Europe

A Top 10 Pharma Data & Analytics Company in Europe

In 2020, 2021, and 2022 we were acknowledged as one of the top 10 pharma analytics companies in Europe by the magazine Pharma Tech Outlook. The magazine brings thought leadership articles from industry veterans and is read by almost 100.000 subscribers across Europe. For Intellishore, this is a culmination of many years of dedicated work and successful projects, bringing our deep industry knowledge and technology expertise to our clients.

Increasing challenges in life science data and analytics

Life Science companies face increasing analytical challenges caused by the growing volume and diversity of available data, complex IT ecosystems, and an ever-increasing demand for insights. With new technologies paving the way for innovative methods for analyzing and processing data, we are excited to continue our mission to deliver successful digital transformations to the life science industry.

Would you like to learn more?

If you would like to know more then please reach out to Amit Luthra or Sonu Banga.

We are always happy to talk about the challenges companies face, share our views and experiences, or discuss how Intellishore could help you.
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