Global Business Intelligence & Analytics Roadmap

How to define and execute business intelligence & analytics priorities?
Million Dollars
reduction in locked stock-capital
Key Stakeholders
interviewed across four business units to assess BI perception
Month Transformation
An actionable 24-month transformation plan was established

The Challenge

This global oil company was seeking stronger clarity and direction within their BI and Analytics set up. Their aims were to improve their abilities in reporting and analytics, in engaging management, and in mobilizing the organization to effectively drive strategic BI initiatives.

The organization was facing data inconsistencies and an unclear governance model. The lack of a central competency center led to a fragmented set of projects being driven and defined by separate business units.

As a result, the right information was not available to the right people and prevented them from consistently making the right and timely decisions on behalf of the business.

The Outcome

By performing qualitative interviews with 40 key stakeholders across 4 business units we identified the most important areas to focus our recommendations around:

1) Architecture & Technology

2) Organization & People

3) Processes & Governance

We delivered a clear BI&A strategy and an actionable 24-month transformation plan that helped the organization meet their defined strategic objectives and realize true value of their analytics initiatives. Finally, we anchored ownership of the identified initiatives with key stakeholders.

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