Anchoring MS Power BI as a reporting & analytics platform

After many years of rapid growth opening up new Joe & the Juice bars all over the world, the organization needed to optimize their current reporting efforts to get a better and deeper understanding of what drives their top and bottom line performance across markets.
Weeks Sprint
executed in December 2019 to build tailored Power BI turnover report & scope additional value-creating BI initiatives
Tailored Power BI Reports
developed together with dedicated Joe & the Juice team in under two months
Days Preparation
before weekly and monthly financial status meetings after implementation of automated Power BI reports

The Challenge

Joe & the Juice has in 2018 alone opened 68 new bars, totalling over 300 bars all across the world in 2019. The rapid expansion has meant that the organization has been in constant “development-mode” and growing bigger meant an increased need for maturing their business intelligence & analytics setup to support strategic insights and action. The appetite and ambition for working with data and new technologies in the organization was huge but they were missing a clear plan of action to get MS Power BI off the ground.

As such, Joe & the Juice asked Intellishore to help them:

1) Kickstart their Power BI platform with a 2 week sprint “pilot project” developing a turnover dashboard providing actionable insights to both management, finance and business development teams across the world

2) Scope & Plan the development of all necessary financial Power BI reports to enable root-cause analysis and optimize work processes

3) Execute according to plan, working in short sprints together with a dedicated Joe & the Juice team


I’ve never experienced a consulting project delivering so much impact in such a short period of time. We took our Power BI setup from 0 to 100 in 2 weeks
Allan Auning-Hansen
Chief Financial Officer

The Outcome

The Outcome

In close collaboration with Joe & the Juice’s CFO, CTO, Finance team and Business Development team, Intellishore helped build and anchor:

1) Strong data foundation – secure structure, access, enrichment and alignment of data

2) Actionable insights for management, finance and business development – deliver readily available data in a user-friendly manner

3) End to end documentation, launch material & user guides to ensure successful anchoring process 

4) Actionable project plan with prioritized Power BI initiatives for 2020



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