Outlining BI roadmap for “more” health

Amgros strives to make better use of their vast data potential to support business processes and to ultimately provide the best conditions for better healthcare. For this they needed a shared vision and roadmap to improve their BI level and ability to harvest the full potential of data.
Of workforce
Were interviewed across the organization during the project
Initiatives & use cases
Were identified during the interviews
Strategic initiatives
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Found the strategic process had already matured their thinking

Who is Amgros

Amgros secures the supply of drugs and hearing aids to public hospitals and hearing clinics. They do this through efficient procurement and tendering procedures. Amgros also performs tasks that the Regions would otherwise have to complete independently. This creates economies of scale and savings, and secures more cost-effective health solutions for everyone.


The Challenge

Amgros has already anchored a digital mindset, however the organisation strives to become even more data-driven. A vast number of good ideas is tearing on their BI resources and have caused long backlogs and prolonged development periods. Amgros was in need of a structured and organizationally anchored process for prioritization of activities, allocation of roles & responsibilities and organizational upskilling.

"Intellishore has in the BI Strategy process managed to mature our thoughts, leaving us with a vision and BI roadmap, which is truly anchored in and shared across the organization.”
Sune Lindgaard
Head of Business Intelligence

The Outcome

Based on the extensive BI assessment covering functional, technological and organization-wide deep dives, we established a 2-year transformation roadmap:

  1. Ensuring alignment between BI activities and the overall strategy for the organization including a realizable-, value- and inter-dependency-based prioritization of the 20 identified initiatives.
  2. Facilitating execution and implementation of initiatives including work descriptions for each of the 20 initiatives; setting direction by describing purpose, key deliverables, and activities and allocating ownership through definition of roles and responsibilities.
  3. Easing top management approval to initiate the implementation phase by providing an overview of workload and costs of implementing each of the identified initiatives.

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Senior Consultant
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Head of Strategy & Transformation
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