of companies
lack a clear strategic vision to support their data initiatives (TDWI)
of companies
lack a clear roadmap for how to capture the potential benefits from data science (HBR)
of companies
believe that a lack of organizational alignment and agility is the biggest barrier to them becoming data-driven (NVP)

The 6 common pitfalls

The 6 common pitfalls

From our experiences and research, we have identified six typical challenges or pitfalls that organizations encounter when working with the discipline we refer to as: Turning Vision Into Action. These pitfalls are crucial to address directly to succeed with your journey towards becoming data-driven.


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White paper: Turning vision into action
How to create a data-driven business?
Over a period of 18 months, Intellishore has supported and exchanged insights with more than 30 organizations that are on the journey of transforming their business.
This white paper will dive into the challenges organizations face as well as the roadmap needed to turn your vision into action.

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“The business was really fed up with the change management and delays from big IT projects. What changed everything was when we switched to having small, agile initiatives owned by business units on a platform owned by IT.”
IT Director

So, what are the key success factors?

So, what are the key success factors?

001 | A shared roadmap that combines the individual business, organization and IT/analytics initiatives into an integrated and phased journey

002 | A roadmap focused on strategic value creation priorities, not IT strategy

003 | Stakeholder involvement and ownership of the roadmap across the organization

004 | Regular reviews and refinement of plans as the organization builds experience and capabilities

005 | A structured and transparent approach to choosing what business areas to focus on in each phase and each initiative

How do we help you succeed?

How do we help you succeed?

At Intellishore, we help you turn your vision into action in two specific ways:

001 | Defining a shared & actionable roadmap

We help companies develop a shared roadmap for building up the organization’s BI and analytics capabilities and tools.

002 | Use Case Selection

Defining and prioritizing the opportunities and use cases to focus on. A critical end-product is to clarify and detail the business opportunities and what it will take to capture them.

"It has been a pleasure working with Intellishore. The result is excellent and we've achieved more than I had imagined in such a short period of time. Based on the inputs from the tool assessment we are already discussing how to re-organize the BI organization and get started with the new front-end tool and governance structure"
Senior Director

Would you like to learn more?

If you would like to know more then please reach out to Amit Luthra or Sonu Banga.

We are always happy to talk about the challenges companies face, share our views and experiences, or discuss how Intellishore could help you.
Amit Luthra
Founding Partner
Sonu Banga
Founding Partner
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