The Analytics Journey

The organization was on a journey towards establishing a Business Intelligence & Analytics setup to tie their Global IT and Line of Business closer together in their shared mission of becoming more data-driven. A journey that Intellishore is proud to be part of by providing our holistic advisory to the key strategic levers within data infrastructure, business processes, and organizational structures.
Strategic Projects
Executed within the first half of 2020 together with Global IT
Key Stakeholders
interviewed for the Tool Assessment & Analytics Strategy
Strategic Levers
Identified to help the company become more data-driven
Pilot Projects
Initiated in collaboration with business based on our recommendations

The Challenge

The organization was interested in redesigning their BI & Analytics setup – supporting their journey towards fact-based decision-making processes. Ultimately, building a cost-efficient, healthy, and scaleable foundation that supports cross-functional collaboration & alignment, and provides easier access to higher quality insights across the organization.

Some of the key challenges they experienced were; a highly dispersed technology suite across affiliates, de-centralized & unaligned acquisition of external data, and locally-driven BI & Analytics projects. Therefore, they reached out to Intellishore for advisory support on two specific projects: 1) A dedicated BI & Analytics front-end tool assessment and 2) A new BI & Analytics Strategy.

The second project was scoped based on learnings from the BI&A front-end tool assessment. 

The Front-end Tool Assessment

The first project executed together with Global IT was the front-end tool assessment, which consisted of the following:

  1. Identification and documentation of business requirements, use cases & assessment criteria
  2. BI & Analytics infrastructure assessment including a cost analysis based on IT setup and business needs
  3. Evaluation of 3 front-end tools and recommendation of 1 best-fit front-end tool


The Findings

Based on interviews with key stakeholders across Global IT & Line of Business, we completed an assessment of the current BI & analytics infrastructure and correlated it to the identified working processes, pain points and requirements in the business. Ultimately, ending up with a clear recommendation for a front-end BI & Analytics tool supporting their journey ahead. In addition, our analysis identified 14 specific use cases where BI has the potential to save the organization a substantial amount of time currently spent on manual processing.

The project was executed in 6 weeks with buy-in from all relevant stakeholders in the organization on the final recommendation.  

Analytics Strategy

Analytics Strategy

Based on the findings & recommendations from the tool assessment a request for an overall Analytics strategy project arose from management. The project included a holistic analysis including 3 critical levers for a successful Analytics Strategy:

  1. Data | Analysis of data infrastructure to determine what is needed in order to build a strong and right-fit data foundation
  2. Processes | Assessment of analytics processes to ensure a platform set up that meets the needs of the organization
  3. Organization | Outlining the analytics competencies and support gaps for the establishment of adoption activities ensuring organizational anchoring

The project was executed within 8 weeks with buy-in from top management, Global IT, and affiliates across the company.

The Outcome

The Outcome

Through a detailed analysis of the current BI & Analytics landscape, we identified key strategic levers to enhance the use of data across the organization. The levers addressed the elements of Data, Processes, and the organization and were categorized and prioritized based on business value and ease of implementation. Additionally, recommended actions for each of the levers were outlined providing an actionable Analytics Strategy.

Ultimately, the Analytics Strategy will help realize key objectives related to the optimization of data platforms, analytics processes and organizational competencies & operating models necessary for enabling a more data-driven organization with clear linkage between IT and Corporate strategic objectives.

"It has been a pleasure working with Intellishore. The result is excellent and we've achieved more than I had imagined in such a short period of time. Based on the inputs from the tool assessment we are already discussing how to re-organize the BI organization and get started with the new front-end tool and governance structure"
Senior Director

Interested in more inspiration for your journey?

Feel free to reach out to Mikkel or Rasmus for inspiration on how to ensure a best-fit BI & Analytics setup for your organization, enabling you to fully leverage your data!
Mikkel Møller Andersen
Managing Director, Intellishore AG
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Senior Manager
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