of companies
cite difficulty in accessing data as a key barrier to being data driven (TDWI)
of companies
lack a data lake or similar infrastructure for sharing data across the organisation (Unisphere)
of companies
cite data governance and security concerns as the biggest barrier to being data-driven (TDWI)

The 4 common pitfalls

The 4 common pitfalls

Many organizations are missing a quality data platform or foundation, which ultimately creates hurdles for realizing real value from data. We have identified the 4 most often experienced challenges to establishing a sound data platform.


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“Our current (business warehouse) solution and poor metadata mean that if I ask three people to analyze some numbers, I will get three different answers. Right now, we aren’t sure if some of our key accounts are profitable or not.”
Electronics Manufacturer

So, what are the key success factors?

So, what are the key success factors?

001 | Design both the infrastructure and the ongoing management processes to not just ensure data quality but also sustain data health

002 | Drive focus and priorities on real use cases rather than on considerations of IT efficiency

003 | Pool critical data across siloes to support creation of one shared truth/common source data

004 | Establish clear accountability for ensuring data quality, security and access

We help you succeed in two ways

We help you succeed in two ways

001 | Designing a scalable data infrastructure

Define a data architecture that is tailored to the needs of the priority use cases and by assessing and selecting tools based on a combination of IT, procurement and user considerations.

002 | Defining an organization-wide governance approach

Identify the data governance issues most critical to address, and establish a critical end-product that creates clear accountability and processes for managing issues in the long run.

"Intellishore has succeeded in making BI operational through solid engagement with the business, leading to sound prioritization and buy-in from the management."
Mikkel Hecht Hansen
Head of BI, Nordisk Film

Do you want to learn more?

If you would like to know more then don't hesitate to reach out. We are always happy to talk about the challenges companies face, share our views and experiences, or discuss how Intellishore could help you.
Mikkel Møller Andersen
Managing Director, Intellishore AG
Helle Kogsbøll Leerberg
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