of all AI projects
through 2020 will remain alchemy, run by wizards whose talents will not scale in the organization (Gartner)
of companies
are NOT satisfied to how their analytics strategy ensures use of insights by a wide group of users across the organization (TDWI)
of companies
cite poor data literacy as one of the top 3 internal roadblocks to success of digitization initiatives (Gartner)
of companies
cite difficulty in integrating data into business as the biggest barrier to being data-driven (TDWI)

The 4 common pitfalls

The 4 common pitfalls

From our experience and research, we have identified four typical challenges or pitfalls that organizations encounter when working with the discipline we refer to as: Embedding a data-driven culture. These pitfalls are crucial to address directly to succeed with your journey towards becoming data-driven.

“Half of my country heads had not analyzed their product sales in the data warehouse because it’s too complicated. So, we built our own regional dashboards and insisted they review these with their teams every month.”
Regional Head
Manufacturing company

So, what are the key success factors?

So, what are the key success factors?

001 | Institutionalize use of analytics and insights in key meetings and decision-making processes

002 | Invest in training and support to increase data literacy levels and tool usage by end users

003 | Democratizing the use of data across all levels and functions in the organization by growing access to tools – and focusing on self-service

004 | Establish systematic mechanisms to regularly integrate the work of data scientists and centers of excellence with the operational business and decision makers

How do we help you succeed?

How do we help you succeed?

At Intellishore, we support you to master this discipline in three ways:

001 | Developing a clear map of current competencies and critical skill gaps

002 | Building ‘learning platforms’ to train end-users in general data literacy and how to use analytical tools for reporting

003 | Redesigning key decision processes to embed the use and focus on data and insights

004 | Creating impactful & result-driven change communication initiatives

Deep-dive into more in depth analysis on data topics from Gartner or TDWI.

“Intellishore has been a trusted partner in the roll-out of our new commercial platform by securing empowerment of our local users while supporting efforts to increase our performance tracking of commercial activities"

Would you like to learn more?

If you would like to know more then please reach out to Rasmus Olesen or Josephine Mikkelsen.

We are always happy to talk about the challenges companies face, share our views and experiences, or discuss how Intellishore could help you.
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