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say that they will increase their spending on AI and Gen AI in 2024
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expect AI to deliver cost savings in 2024
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expect AI to increase productivity and deliver business value (Forbes)
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see AI and Analytics as critical to their success over the next years (Gartner)

The four common pitfalls

The four common pitfalls

From our experience and research, we have identified four typical challenges or pitfalls that organizations encounter when implementing AI initiatives.

These pitfalls are crucial to address directly to succeed in creating business value from AI investments.

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Steppingstones for successful AI implementation

Steppingstones for successful AI implementation

 | Map Potential Use Cases – Identify and document possible use cases for AI within the organization

 | Prioritize Projects with Reliable Data and Real Business Value – Focus on projects that have a stable data stream and clear business benefits

 | Assemble Cross-Functional Teams – Create teams that combine data science and domain expertise to drive agile development

 | Ensure AI Transparency for Governance and Feedback – Build transparency into AI models to facilitate governance and create a continuous feedback loop within the organization

 | Apply Learnings and Expand Use Cases – Use insights gained to refine processes and expand the application of AI across additional use cases


How do we help you succeed?

How do we help you succeed?

How Do We Help You Succeed with AI Tools?

Our team of data scientists and AI engineers collaborates with clients to build, test, and deploy AI tools through three key stages:

Clarify Requirements and Secure Data
We start by clarifying user requirements and securing clean, reliable data sets. This allows us to build a clear, phased action plan with a stable long-term foundation.

Feature Engineering and Algorithm Development
Our team works with domain experts and end users to engineer features and develop actionable AI algorithms.

Test and Deploy Models
We rigorously test new models in operational settings and ensure their smooth transition into production.

Additionally, as demonstrated through our other services, we assist clients in building decision tools, establishing effective processes, and providing the necessary training to ensure these AI tools are effectively utilized by the right end users.


Would you like to learn more?

If you would like to know more then please reach out to Martin Olesen or Raja Shan Zaker Krenn.

We are always happy to talk about the challenges companies face, share our views and experiences, or discuss how Intellishore could help you.
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