What is the Qlik Partner Ambassador Program?

The Qlik Partner Ambassador Program recognizes Qlik technologists from the Qlik Partner Ecosystem who foster strong public advocacy for Qlik, support Qlik in driving exceptional outcomes from data with their solutions, and broadly share their impact with others.

A Qlik Partner Ambassador is characterized by the following:

  • Passionate about Qlik and widely recognized as an expert across the Qlik Partner Ecosystem.
  • Active and consistently helpful on Qlik Community or other data-focused forums.
  • Active on social media, industry social networks, and company or personal blogs.
  • Regularly willing to share best practices and knowledge at industry events, forums, in the press, and with industry analysts.
  • Visible in the Qlik ecosystem as a Qlik Meetup Captain, Community MVP, or speaker at Qlik events.
  • Committed to providing feedback that is constructive and actionable.

A new class of Qlik Partner Ambassadors is accredited each calendar year, and our very own Qlik aficionado, Adam Grønbeck Andersen, has been named part of this year’s class; which is the second year in a row. We have asked him what this title means and what he is excited about for the upcoming year. You can read more below.


"Being recognized as a Qlik Partner Ambassador is an absolute honor for me"

"Being recognized as a Qlik Partner Ambassador is an absolute honor for me"

“For the past year, I have had the privilege of being selected as a Qlik Partner Ambassador, and it is such a pleasure to be part of this group in the coming year as well.

Being a partner ambassador means direct access to Qlik Product Leads and specialists, as well as monthly round tables where all the new exciting stuff is discussed. You really feel like you’re part of and getting a say in the actual product development. So personally, I’m really excited about the coming year.

This year, a good friend and customer of Intellishore, Mikkel Hecht Hansen, Nordisk Film, also has the honor of being selected as a Qlik Luminary in 2024! Well done!

Mikkel and I have also been selected as speakers for the upcoming QlikConnect in Orlando, where we will speak about the journey into the new Capacity pricing model for both Qlik Sense and Qlik Cloud Data Integration. Really looking forward to that!”

Adam Grønbeck Andersen, Partner at Intellishore

"I have a feeling that Adam has green blood in his veins"

"I have a feeling that Adam has green blood in his veins"

“I was extremely pleased to see that we have named Adam Qlik Partner Ambassador

I can’t think of another person in Denmark who is more Qlik orientated than Adam! Qlik’s color is green, and I have a feeling that Adam has green blood in his veins.

I know that Adam will bring a lot of Qlik dedication and enthusiasm both to us/Qlik and to the Qlik community – and we are looking forward to seeing him in his new role.”

Thomas Kristiansen, Senior Partner Manager, Nordics & Baltics at Qlik

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