TIM helps you build accurate predictive models, in seconds

At Intellishore we want to be at the forefront of new technologies, and Tangent Works’ InstantML technology is revolutionizing the world of AI-enabled, predictive forecasting, which is why we have partnered up with the passionate people from Tangent Works to deliver this value-creating technology.

InstantML is a breakthrough machine learning approach that is taking predictive time series forecasting and anomaly detection to the next level by delivering production-ready AI models and business results in seconds. Tangent Works has brought InstantML to life through its TIM engine (Tangent Information Modeler). Leading companies across the globe are amazed by TIM’s lightning-fast speed, incredible accuracy, and unmatched flexibility.


The value of Instant ML

The real and immediate value of InstantML is remarkable under normal circumstances, but its true genius is how it can help companies cope during times of turbulence. InstantML is a true paradigm shift well beyond automated machine learning because the entire process to build and deploy a predictive model is completed by TIM in just a single step.

It is 100x faster than other approaches while delivering very high accuracy. What used to take data scientists weeks or months can now be accomplished in seconds. This powerful predictive capability allows companies to adjust to changing conditions in real-time while creating an early warning system to detect when things deviate from normal.

Seeing is believing when it comes to the lightning-fast speed of InstantML. See how easy, accurate, and fast predictive, AI-enabled forecasting can be for all types of businesses. And we will be glad to help you if you have any questions.


What makes the Tangent angle unique?

What makes the Tangent angle unique?

Why make things more complicated than they are?

Recently we, at Intellishore, came across this cool company that offers a state-of-the-art automatic model-building engine for time series forecasting. As we see the market, most prediction use-cases come down to exactly this – forecasting and/or anomaly detection with time series – and this is where we see the great potential in this partnership.

Other tools can of course offer the same functionality, but they are typically more expensive, more complex, and requires more steps to complete before you are set to go.

If you want to know more about Tangent Works, I would be happy to set up a meeting to discuss in more detail how you can unleash the benefits in your company.

Adam Grønbeck Andersen, Partner at Intellishore

Key challenges that TIM can tackle

Key challenges that TIM can tackle

  1. There is a huge struggle to move AI and ML projects to production.
  2. Most organizations still lack the necessary skills to leverage ML to bring business value.
  3. Changing data and business environments often cause tremendous data drifts, and render masses of ML models obsolete.


You can learn more from Tangent’s case library here.

Get to know TIM better

How does it create value?

TIM is flexible when is comes to compatibility

TIM is flexible when is comes to compatibility

Tangent Works is committed to making the TIM Solution available in world-class platforms allowing business users, citizen data scientists, and data scientists alike to benefit from advanced time series analysis, namely forecasting and anomaly detection. In line with this vision, TIM is easily available as an extension in various BA & BI platforms.

Use TIM to get even more insights and results from the technologies and platforms you already use and like!


Up to 250x faster than your typical AutoML solution
4 to 5x more accurate than ARIMA models
36x less start-up risks/costs compared to AutoML
15 to 55% more accurate than AutoML
Turning data into insights is a great way to get a return on your investments in the digital transformation, but the insights become even more valuable when they are predictive. It’s a logical next step to traditional BI and exactly what we are bringing to Denmark together with the data experts from Intellishore.
Sam Verdonck, Tangent Works Partner Manager

Need help getting started with TIM in your organization?

Feel free to reach out to one of our consultants, if you need help with how to start using Tangent Works (TIM) in your organization.
Amit Luthra
Founding Partner
Adam Grønbeck Andersen
Request a Demo
During a 30 minute Demo, one of our Intellishorians will show you how to access TIM.

They will also walk you through our process of creating a workspace, building a model, and generating a forecast or anomaly detection.

We will also help to discover how TIM can benefit your exact organization and create true value.

We look forward to hearing from you.
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