Largest Snowflake Partner in Denmark

At Intellishore, we are “technology agnostic”. Basically, this means that we are not “married” to a specific data and analytics technology. Instead, we help our clients identify the best-fit-for-purpose solution by providing a 100% objective strategic & technical assessment and recommendation.

To truly live up to this approach, we continuously keep our consultants at the forefront of new technologies, which can create value for our clients. We have seen an increased demand in the market for the Snowflake Data Cloud, which is also why we have grown our team of skilled consultants working with this particular technology. The growth and demand have been so significant that we are now the Largest Snowflake Partner in Denmark*. We have asked our Founding Partner, Amit Luthra, what this means for our customers and what other companies can gain from utilizing Snowflake.

*This is measured on SnowPro Core certifications and Advanced Certifications, which can be found here where you need to search for Solita:

Largest Snowflake partner in Denmark

Largest Snowflake partner in Denmark

Snowflake – Best performance and scalability in class
“I admire many things by Snowflake, which is why I chose to work for that company for a period before coming to Intellishore. One of the things I admire is the performance which is better than what I have seen in other places. The complete separation of data and computing enables many users to access the same data simultaneously, and this is supported by automatic scaling, high compression, and a columnar database to store the data.

With a traditional on-premises data solution, you will have to buy hardware as if it was Black Friday every day if you are a retailer. Snowflake will instead simply scale to your need to avoid this cost.

Data Mesh for agility
With Snowflake, we have also helped some customers build data products produced by small, decentralized teams around the organization. This removes bottlenecks by a central data or analytics team, which is often seen in larger organizations. To me, the private listing function in Snowflake is very useful for this allowing self-service data discovery and more.

Ease of use and no maintenance
I like the ease of use – simply log in and use Snowflake with standard SQL language. No need for DBAs or other people to tune and optimize your database, even for extensive databases. And with integration to Microsoft and other vendors, you can still leverage single sign-on, AD groups, and other functionalities. No backup facilities or strategy is needed – simply use the built-in time travel function to get the table content at a specific previous time.

Largest Snowflake Partner in Denmark
The examples above are some of the reasons why we are working with Snowflake for our clients. And due to these assignments, we have so many certified consultants in Snowflake that today we have become the largest Snowflake partner in Denmark measured by the number of certifications. I am also one of the consultants with a Snowflake certification.”

Amit Luthra, Founding Partner at Intellishore

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Snowflake supports a multitude of workloads…

Snowflake’s patented multi-cluster shared data architecture delivers a platform that enables many different workloads. These workloads include data warehouses, data lakes, data pipelines, and data exchanges. They also have many types of business intelligence, data science, and data analytics applications.

blue overview of snowflake's different workloads including data engineering, data lake, data warehouse, data science, data applications and data sharing.

… and different data types and sources

The agnostic nature of Snowflake supports the handling and optimization of both structured and semi-structured data. The latter include the likes of JSON, Avro, and XML. The platform includes standard-based connectors such as ODBC, JDBC, Javascript, Python, Spark, R, and Node.js. As a result, developers are granted full access to all tools, languages, or frameworks they might need.

Furthermore, Snowflake Data Marketplace allows you to discover new data sets and services.

Global Sharing Across Providers

Global Sharing Across Providers

In effect, to help mitigate data silos within both large and small organizations, Snowflake allows for global sharing of data. When requested, this happens instantaneously without anyone having to copy or move data.

Cloud Agnostic Platform

The platform is also cloud-agnostic. Not only does Snowflake have the ability to distribute data across regions, but it can also distribute data across different cloud providers, including AWS, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure.

This effectively allows large organizations to break down data silos and obtain unified insights from an all-encompassing data platform.

Solita is the largest Snowflake Partner in the Nordics

Solita is the largest Snowflake Partner in the Nordics

Leading Snowflake Partner in the Nordics

Intellishore is part of the Solita Group, the largest Snowflake Partner in the Nordics. We have asked Vesa Hammarberg, Business Lead at Solita, how they work strategically with Snowflake and what it means for our customers:

“At Solita, we are passionate about helping our clients transform their data into actionable insights. That’s why we already chose Snowflake as our partner for delivering modern data solutions in 2017. We have over 40 certified Snowflake architects, making us the largest Snowflake partner in the Nordics. As the only Elite Snowflake partner, we have a solid reference base of successful deliveries with Snowflake Data Cloud, and our architects can help customers utilize best practices with Snowflake-based solutions.

Snowflake Data Cloud is a powerful platform that enables customers to access, integrate, analyze, and share data with ease and speed in a highly scalable manner. With Snowflake Data Cloud, you can:

– Accelerate time-to-value and deliver faster insights
– Scale up or down on demand without compromising performance or security
– Connect to any data source and load any type of data with minimal effort
– Collaborate and share data across teams, departments, and organizations

The Snowflake Data Cloud has helped us achieve exceptional results for our clients across various industries and domains. Whether optimizing supply chains, enhancing customer experiences, improving health outcomes, or driving sustainability goals, we have delivered value faster and better with the Snowflake Data Cloud.

Solita cooperates with Snowflake closely, and we are part of the Snowflake Partner Advisory Council, where we can bring the feedback from our customers directly to Snowflake management.”

Vesa Hammarberg, Business Lead, Data Platforms at Solita

True Software as a Service Solution

Snowflake operates as a true software and as a service solution. Through its fully managed service layer, handling user sessions, resources, enforcing security measures, compiling queries, enabling data governance, and ensuring atomicity, consistency, isolation, and durability. Read more about Snowflake here.

With the Snowflake, you get fully automated technology capable of handling and servicing the infrastructure. Effectively, this allows organizations to focus on analyzing and gaining insights from data rather than spending resources maintaining the data platform.

Speed, scalability, and pricing

The Snowflake technology is among the fastest cloud-based data warehouses in the world. It is able to load 1 billion rows of data in less than 90 seconds. It does this through its column-based data engine that automatically clusters data. Since data storage and data processing (compute) is physically decoupled, users can load and run queries on the same data without sacrificing performance. Since it is possible to have several different warehouses in Snowflake, users can set up warehouses for specific workloads, such as Business Intelligence. In this way, compute power is separated from the other data warehouses, and a demanding data-calculation in the BI warehouse will not affect the performance of other warehouses.
Snowflake’s unique architecture provides complete elasticity, allowing for the scaling of compute resources dedicated to specific workloads either automatically or manually. This happens within 1 second. In other words, Snowflake can scale computing up and down in order to suit organizational needs in terms of data amount, workload, and the number of users or applications.
This provides benefits to organizations both in terms of performance and costs. Snowflake separates storage and computing. The price of storage is similar to that of blob storage (Azure), S3 (AWS), and GCP. Compute is normally costly, but Snowflake separates storage and compute and utilizes pricing per second for the latter. If computing power is not used for 5 minutes, it is automatically scaled down, and it is then free. The overall price is thus set based on pricing per second, pricing per user, and pricing in terms of the amount of data storage needed. As a result, organizations only pay for what they use, and this elicits cost saving-benefits compared to traditional data storage and processing solutions.

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Amit Luthra
Founding Partner
Kasper Nyvold
Senior Manager
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