The Intellishore Stragathon 2024 will take place on April 19th from 15:00 until late. To win, you must collaborate across disciplines — just like we do at Intellishore. It will be for business students who understand the importance of technology and for techies who know solutions need to create value after being developed.

Joe and the Juice want to create the best customer experience for their consumers and give everyone a delightful pink twist on their lives.

It’s your chance to apply your skills to a real-world challenge, potentially unlocking transformative insights for a company on their customer experience. Are you ready to make your mark and shape the future of Joe and the Juice?

Join the Intellishore Stragathon 2024 Challenge

At Intellishore, we enjoy pushing our limits, and now we extend the same challenge to you. Join us behind the scenes as we unveil our work process at Intellishore! Skip the lengthy introduction to Intellishore, and let’s collaborate on a real-life prediction case with our case partner, Joe & the Juice.

Experience the Intellishore spirit

On Fridays, things are different at our office compared to the rest of the week. The atmosphere is lively, the first bottle of wine uncorks earlier than you might expect, and we turn the music up a notch. Expect an abundance of snacks, delightful tunes, and a glass or two of champagne.

You’ll be able to mingle with other data enthusiasts and strategists while challenging yourself. In addition, our seasoned and committed Intellishorians will be on hand to assist you in honing your skills.

Participating will expand your professional network and gain insight into the consultancy industry. Take advantage of this chance to gather new facts and perspectives to aid your career decisions!

THE DEADLINE FOR SIGNING UP IS 23:59 ON THE 8TH OF APRIL. (We normally have more signups than spots available. Therefore, you will hear from us latest one week before the event if your spot is confirmed).






The program for the 19th of April

Expect to spend an afternoon packed with group work, exhilarating strategy work, and hard-core data analytics that will slowly transform into an informal ‘festive’ Friday bar. Here, we provide you with an indicative program:

15:00 – Introduction to the case and our case partner, Joe & the Juice

15:30 – Case solving in groups with guidance from our skilled consultants if needed

19:00ish – Social dinner together with the other participants

20:00ish – Presentations and winner announcement

The Friday bar will be open, and consultants from Intellishore will participate.

When and where – Intellishore Stragathon 2024:

It will go down on the 19th of April from 15:00 until late at the Intellishore HQ in Østerbro.

Scherfigsvej 10
2100 København Ø

"At Intellishore, we are enthusiastic about actively involving ourselves in the upcoming generation of data talents"

"At Intellishore, we are enthusiastic about actively involving ourselves in the upcoming generation of data talents"

At Intellishore, we are enthusiastic about actively involving ourselves in the upcoming generation of data talents. One of the ways we do this is by opening our office for the upcoming Stragathon.

This year, we are building on the Hackathon tradition and combining it with a strategic element in the Stragathon. We are opening our office to data talents with a technical & strategic mindset.

Joe & the Juice is much more than coffee and juice – they deliver high energy and an entrepreneurial spirit that shines through in everything they do. Therefore, I promise our Stragathon participants will be in for a treat if they sign up!

This time, our Stragathon will revolve around a challenge presented by Joe and the Juice, who are keen to unwind the potential of machine learning. The challenge’s specifics will be unveiled on the day of the event, and we’re eagerly anticipating it!”

Mads Hønberg, Senior Consultant at Intellishore

A Night To Remember

A Night To Remember

“At our Hackathons/Stragathons, we aim to create a night that will stand out, a night where we blend sharp minds, a true business case, and colorful drinks.

We had a successful collaboration with DBU, where the participants aimed to create initial segmentation of the fan base. The ideas presented by the teams have inspired the commercial team at DBU to investigate new directions they hadn’t thought of before.

We are hoping to see you! So we once again can create a night to remember with some interesting findings and an energy level similar to a night in Parken after a 4-0-win.”

Jonatan Larsen Edry, Senior Consultant at Intellishore

So, how do I sign up?!

About you: 

At Intellishore, we believe in the individual and care for much more than your professional skills, as you can always learn new skills! If you’re up for a challenge, you’re the right candidate for us, regardless of whether you’re a student or have already graduated.


You can join the night as an individual, with a buddy, or as a group. Let us know in the sign-up flow.


Get in touch

If you have any questions or things you want to know more about - Give us a call, a text or an e-mail!
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Senior Consultant
Liv Hyllinge
Associate Consultant


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