The Intellishore Hackathon Fall edition 2022 will happen on the 28th of October from 15:00 until late. It is open to students and recent graduates who want to challenge themselves with a true consultant case.

Join the Hackathon Challenge

At Intellishore, we love to challenge ourselves, but this time we would also like to challenge you. Therefore, we would like to invite you behind the scenes to show you how we work at Intellishore! There will be no long intro to Intellishore – Instead, we will work together on a real clustering challenge from DBU.

Experience the Intellishore spirit

At our office, Fridays are different from the rest of the weekdays. The office is buzzing, the first wine bottle is opened earlier than you might expect, and the tunes are slightly louder. So, of course, there will be loads of snacks, sweet tunes, and a glass of champagne or two.

You will explore and challenge yourself together with like-minded data-fanatics. Furthermore, our most dedicated and experienced Intellishorians will be ready to help you accelerate your skills.

You will expand your network and get a taste of the consultancy world for a few invested hours. You need fresh facts and insights for decision-making… so get some facts for your career decisions!





"DBU is riding a wave of national excitement since last summer exemplified by a consistently sold-out Parken, record-breaking attendance for a women's national game, and stock-outs on our World Cup jersey. Denmark loves the national team and the national team loves Denmark. We're so excited to host this Hackathon with DBU and help them improve their fans' experience... and what a great time to do it - just three weeks before the World Cup"
Mikkel Møller Andersen
Senior Manager, Intellishore

The program for the 28th of October

Expect to spend an afternoon packed with group work and hard-core data analytics that will slowly transform into an informal ‘festive’ Friday bar. Here, we provide you with an indicative program:

15:00 – Introduction to the case and DBU

15:30 – Case solving in groups with guidance from our skilled consultants if needed

19:00ish – Social dinner together with the other participants

20:00ish – Presentations of solutions and winner announcement

The Friday bar will be open, and consultants from Intellishore will participate.

When and where:

It will go down on the 28th of October from 15:00 until late at the Intellishore HQ in Østerbro.

Scherfigsvej 10
2100 København Ø

"It is time for DBU to take our fan analysis to the next level"

"It is time for DBU to take our fan analysis to the next level"

“When it comes to stadium experience and fan culture, we know from previous studies that there are different ways to access the same party. Fans want different experiences on and off the stadium. Therefore, it is very important for us to know more about the different segments that can be found among Danish fans.

There must be different paths to the big community, and we must sell the experience and the feelings. Not just tickets. Therefore, we must bring the fans closer and create those magical moments that fuel the passion for the national team. The fans need to get closer to each other. Closer to the players. And closer to DBU.

It is time for DBU to take our fan analysis to the next level. By using more advanced data analytics, it is our dream, that we can better name and describe the fans, and thereby make better content, do better communication, and invite the right partners that can bring value to the party in the minds of the fans.”

Nikolaj Schelde, Information Analyst & Insight Creator, DBU

So how do I sign-up?!

About you: 

In Intellishore, we believe in the individual and care for much more than your professional skills, as you can always learn new skills! If you’re up for a challenge, you’re the right candidate for us, regardless of whether you’re a student or have already graduated.


You can join the night as an individual, with a buddy or as group. Let us know in the sign-up flow.


Get in touch

If you have any questions or things you want to know more about - Give us a call, a text or an e-mail!
Mikkel Møller Andersen
Managing Director, Intellishore AG
Mads Hønberg
Senior Consultant
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