What went down at the BESTSELLER x Intellishore Hackathon 2023

The devil wears Prada, and Intellishore wears data. A night of fun, focus, and fiesta as the participants gave their best in solving a prediction case for our partner, BESTSELLER. 

A yard decorated with denim was the setting for the celebration of the case winners, and the atmosphere was immense with a catwalk show of a limited t-shirt collection. 20+ participants brought the energy to create a memorable night. 

Why be a part of it?

Do you get a kick out of spending a Friday night with your coding friends and turning actual data into real business solutions? Then you should bring your BFFs for a fun night of coding at Intellishore’s office! 

We love spending time with other bright and creative minds to be inspired and take data solving to a new level.

See for yourself how it went down

"We hope to utilize tonight's results"

"We hope to utilize tonight's results"

“From BESTSELLER, we hope that the talents we see tonight are a way for us to find inspiration. We see we have a vast array of backgrounds in the teams, and it is a nice way for BESTSELLER to meet students and data enthusiasts. We also hope we can use all of tonight’s results after today. It is a very nice opportunity for BESTSELLER to be a part of this Hackathon and explore the skilled talent we see in the domain.”

Emil Hartvig Pedersen, Lead Architecture at BESTSELLER

Finding solutions by igniting data

Finding solutions by igniting data

“The case is about how we can forecast the amount of products we sell in the future. We have had six teams trying out different methods. We have had different methods within Python, from very simple moving averages to complicated models.”

Oliver Rise Thomsen, Consultant at Intellishore


“Once again, I was very impressed to see the motivation and skills the participants put into solving the ML case. We continue to be thrilled to see the number of talents eager to join our Hackathons and contribute with insightful findings.”

Mads Hønberg, Senior Consultant at Intellishore




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