Did you miss our Tech Talk – “Harness the power of modern cloud analytics”? Then do not fear, you can get the Tech Talk here.

The Tech Talk will take you through presentations from dbt Labs, Snowflake, and Intellishore where you will get useful knowledge and insights into the modern data cloud era.

Over 100 signed up to watch the Tech Talk where Anders Boje Hertz from Intellishore explained why SQL is still going strong as a language after 30+ years. He also gave a market perspective on the modern tech landscape and did a demo of the solution at our customer Dagbladet Børsen where the quality, collaboration, and speed gained a huge lift.

Jay Hester introduced dbt Labs and the capabilities that this unicorn of technology is capable of. Last but not least Henrik Norhøj elaborated on the subject and explained more about the synergy that exists between Snowflake and dbt Labs.

If you want to know more about dbt Labs, Snowflake, and how it can benefit your company, then make a submission and get access to the full Tech Talk for free.

Get the full Tech Talk and learn more about dbt Labs & Snowflake
Ready to steer your business towards data-informed growth? This online Tech Talk is the perfect place to start your journey.

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- A Market Perspective - On how and when different technologies are the right fit for different purposes
- Why SQL as a language still is going strong +30 years after its birth
- How to get more out of the Cloud Data Platform
- Unlock the potential of the cloud (Legacy In-House Tooling vs. dbt Cloud)
- Demo - How Børsen benefitted from combining Snowflake & dbt Labs

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