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To be more specific… The Gartner Magic Quadrant for Analytics and Business Intelligence Platforms 2022.

At Intellishore we love technology and in this year’s Quadrant both Tableau, Microsoft, and Qlik have done well. We have asked three of our tech experts to read the 2022 report and give their spotlight view on the different technologies. You can read their take below the submission box.

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“Working for several years with different BI tools I understand why tableau is a Leader in the Magic Quadrant. It is one of the (if not THE) strongest visually and it is very easy to create visually appealing reports. As a BI developer, I really like the flexibility of Tableau where (almost) anything is possible. Other tools can be a bit less flexible in the visual design possibilities.

The huge Tableau community and fanbase of the product is a big plus, and I can really recommend experiencing the hype and inspiration you can find at the Tableau Conferences. However, I do agree with Gartner that the price point is high compared to other tools and can be difficult for smaller businesses to defend.” /Amalie Holsøe

“It’s easy to understand that Power BI stands tall in the market, with the growing popularity among businesses seeking better insights through interactive and rich reporting.

What gives Microsoft a huge advantage, is a combination of their low pricing model, and the possibility to integrate seamlessly with several applications. These applications are well-known by business users, as they are used in their daily work life. The cross-platform integrations ensure a more unified user experience.

Power BI also enables integration with community-driven tools, which contributes to enhancing the functionality of Power BI even further. In Intellishore, we have also seen more and more developers utilizing these external tools.

I agree on Power BI lacks fundamental capabilities in its on-prem offerings but maybe that’s a well-considered choice from Microsoft?” /Taha Ahmed

“Qlik is gaining momentum with its SaaS cloud offering and we really see the Qlik Cloud as a strong contender in the analytics sphere. Qlik is still balancing on the edge on the ability to execute – and is mainly caused by the well-known challenge of switching from QlikView to Qlik Sense, where we also see companies use this opportunity to review their BI Tool stack.

It’s a shame that we see all the knowledge go away when there are excellent ways of utilizing older QlikView reports in the Qlik Cloud.” /Adam Grønbeck Andersen

Make a submission above to get the ‘Gartner Magic Quadrant for Analytics & Business Intelligence Platforms 2022″ report.

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