Recently Microsoft has launched their Power BI premium pr. user that has revamped their subscription model. Our tech wizards at Intellishore love to find solutions and they have found an easy way to save costs on your Microsoft Power BI subscription while still maintaining premium features that can boost your performance.

We have already helped several of our customers save costs or boosted their performance significantly by shifting to another Power BI subscription model. The last customer we assisted was a large Danish media concern that was able to save between 85,000-110.000 DKK on Power BI by shifting their license model.


What is Microsoft Power BI and Power BI Premium?

First of all, Power BI is a strong business analytics service that helps organizations prepare, model, and visualize their data while being able to securely share insights across organizations. Power BI is among other things known for its user-friendly interface and ability to enable self-service analytics. The tool is especially strong when it comes to three things:

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Automating data extraction and visualization
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Building intriguing and interactive reports
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Improving cross-organizational data collaboration

In Microsoft Power BI there are different types of standard licenses – free, pro and premium. The Premium license enables a great set of resources such as composite models, Azure Data Lake Storage, and even out-of-the-box deployment pipelines, that can boost your company’s performance. But it also comes with a big cost of around 31,000 DKK per capacity/month, and this license does not appeal to all kinds of organizations. We have talked to many small and medium-size who can boost their performance significantly without having to pay the large fixed cost which is often associated with the Premium license.

If you would like to know how your organization can revamp your Power BI subscription model – Fill out the form below or reach out directly to one of our colleagues.

Get more value from your Microsoft subscription
If you are looking to save costs or boost your performance with features from your Microsoft Power BI subscription - we can assist you with both.

We already helped several of our customers optimize their Power BI setup and/or save costs - One of them a large Danish media concern that was able to save up to 110,000 DKK each year.

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