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We create coherence in the public sector

In recent years, the public sector in Denmark has increased its focus on digitalization – and all the ambiguity and complexity that comes with it. Most authorities have already added digitalization, artificial intelligence, big data, or similar in their overall goals for the coming years. Furthermore, several authorities have received the necessary funds to kick-start and drive their digitalization journey. But despite the increased focus and the extra funds, many are left with the same question:


“How do we accelerate our digital transformation, and what do we need to prioritize tomorrow in order to create value?”


We have talked to 30+ public authorities

At Intellishore, we want to create transparency and coherence in the public sector by exploiting the opportunities to work smarter with data and technology. We have been in dialogue with more than 30 public authorities in Denmark, which has given us a unique insight into the challenges and opportunities that many authorities face in their digitalization efforts. Here are some of the authorities we have talked to:

out of 30 have digitalization as strategic focus
and the majority of initiatives have an element of digitalization
out of 30 think it is all about technology
it is really about business value realization
out of 30 have been allocated funds
but have doubts about where to use it

We have identified four critical focus areas

We have identified four critical focus areas

001 | Increase value creation
Focus on identifying the most value-adding initiatives on the digitalization journey

002 | Review core processes
Create transparency and enhance decision-making: This includes everyone from executive management to people on the floor

003 | Work smarter. Visualize. Share. Apply.
Establish open data collaboration across the public sector – and make data more accessible and understandable to organizations and citizens alike

004 | Take advantage of technological disruption
Create a platform and learning universe to explore opportunities within digitalization

Working for Sikkerhedsstyrelsen

In addition to our interviews with a large number of different public authorities, we have completed two projects for Sikkerhedsstyrelsen (the Danish Safety Technology Authority) in connection with their digital transformation.

The Danish Safety Technology Authority is part of the Ministry of Business and Industry and its task is to make security as straightforward as possible: this involves to make Denmark an attractive country to do business in, and to ensure safety for consumers. Among others, they have the responsibility for technical safety in electricity, gas, consumer products, and fireworks.

Case 001 | Leverage External Data Sources

Case 001 | Leverage External Data Sources

The Danish Safety Technology Authority had a clear vision of becoming more data-driven by leveraging external data sources to expand their decision-making base.

They already had a strong digital agenda but needed our help to identify opportunities for data collaboration to strengthen their national monitoring processes.

The result

  • Identification, evaluation and prioritization of external use cases
  • Anchoring use cases with great influence potential directly in their strategic portfolio

Case 002 | Digital Steering

Case 002 | Digital Steering

The Danish Safety Technology Authority’s ambition to digitize their task management and become more data-driven in their decision-making processes had also sparked a new project: to digitize their control boards to gain a deeper insight into the core business through automated data integration.

To succeed in this project, we helped them draw the ‘customer journey’ as well as modeling and visualizing decision-making data.

The result:

  • Implementation of Microsoft Power BI solution for ’14-day meetings’ as well as daily monitoring and decision making
  • 12-month digitalization plan with several sprints – first 4 sprints successfully implemented
  • Transparency from the executive board to all functional areas
"Together with Intellishore, we have been able to identify potential data partnerships that enable us to provide higher security to Danish citizens - in a more efficient way. In addition, they have assisted us in digitizing our core processes from drawing the customer journey to modeling and visualization of decision-making data; thereby creating transparency from the executive board to all functional areas."
Lone Saaby
CEO, The Danish Safety Technology Authority

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