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We love to share our experiences working as a cross-disciplinary consultancy dedicated to helping organizations become data-driven by providing the next generation of consultancy for the digital age. Read more about the topics we love to talk about.

Last year, we were, among other events, invited to DTU High-Tech Summit to share some of our experiences working within strategy, data & analytics in the Danish public sector. For this specific session on GovTech, the topic was on “How data and new technology can revolutionize the public sector”. Here our founding partner, Amit Luthra shared his perspective on how it’s really not about revolutionizing anything – but about value realization. It’s about identifying the most value-adding initiatives on the digitalization journey and get moving with these tomorrow by enabling the knowledge and technology already at our disposal.

If you’d like to receive the presentation, please send a message to one of our knowledge-sharing ambassadors.


Here are some of the places we have visited

Lecturing at the Danish Universities

At Intellishore, we have all spent a lot of time studying to better ourselves and prepare for “the real world”, which is why we know of the many uncertainties associated with being a university student in a time of constant change & transformation. And that is why we love visiting universities, meeting the young bright minds and sharing our experiences working with strategy, data & analytics. Hopefully, providing some clarity and inspiration for the students interested in “our world”.

Event at ITU together with Digi-Talks

Event at ITU together with Digi-Talks

In collaboration with the Danish student organization Digi-Talks, we invited 70+ bright minds to a lecture and workshop at the IT University of Copenhagen. The focus was on augmenting decision-making and how data & analytics can be used in a company to optimize strategic development and become more data-driven in decision-making processes. The session included insight into “the Intellishore approach” and a hands-on workshop where the participants had to solve a real-life case . Ultimately providing them with a greater understanding of what it means to work with analytics.


We offer lecturing within the following topics

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User Adoption & Data Culture
How do we ensure the data & analytics solution we develop is integrated into the company culture and processes?
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Data Strategy & Transformation
A great data & analytics strategy needs to tap into the overall corporate strategy in order to succeed
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Data & Visualization
Developing reports and dashboards is not just about visualizing all your data - it's about building decision-making tools
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Organizational Change Management
Having the tools and frameworks to manage change projects and stakeholders are pivotal in driving transformation
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Data Science & Advanced Analytics
Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Advanced Analytics - We sort out the buzz and focus on how to create true business value
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Data Infrastructure & Modelling
Having a healthy and scalable data platform is key to creating great data & analytics solutions that meet business needs

Do you want us to stop by your organization, school or event?

Then don't hesitate to reach out to one of our "knowledge sharing ambassadors". We are always eager to connect with new people and share our experiences.
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