of children
drop out of school early
million children
between the age of 5-14 are estimated to be employed in work
of India's population
live on less than $3,20 per day. and many don’t have access to basic human rights such as education, clean drinking water, adequate shelter or sufficient food.
children and adults
LittleBigHelp have 90 locally employed people in India and three people in Denmark working on 25 projects that empower more than 3.000 children and adults.

A LittleBigHelp that has a massive impact

At Intellishore, we believe in good karma and relations above all. Karma is not only about the universal causal law in which your actions are reflected in your future existence. Karma also means to take action. And that is exactly what we try to do and it is also what our CSR partner – LittleBigHelp – does.

LittleBigHelp was founded in 2010 by Lisbeth Johansen. Giving up a career as a hotel sales director, Lisbeth decided to pursue her dream of helping people in India who don’t have access to the same human rights, healthcare, and educational opportunities as in developed countries. Several years of traveling and volunteering in India gave her the insight she needed into the complex Indian culture and socio-economic challenges to start LittleBigHelp in Kolkata, West Bengal.

Today, LittleBigHelp has established 13 community centers in slum areas in Kolkata and Howrah, a boys’ and a girls’ hostel, several skill development centers for women, and computer training projects for adolescents living in rural areas of Bankura, India. Furthermore, LittleBigHelp supports a center for special education for 180 children. They have 90 locally employed people in India and two people in Denmark working on 25 projects that empower more than 3000 children and adults.

We work strategically with the 4th Sustainable Development Goal, “Quality Education,” and the 17th, “Partnerships For The Goals,” which are also two of the core goals of LittleBigHelp’s work. We believe that all people should have equal opportunity for education, and we want to help ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all.

Intellishore will specifically support children enrolled in LittleBigHelp’s school preparation courses and the “Food for Thought” program, which provides meals to enhance learning.

"We felt such good karma and the right energy when we visited Intellishore, and it is exactly a partner like that we are searching for and love to work with - A company who's not only saying they wish to make a difference but who actually does it. We are so happy and we are looking forward to doing a difference in the world together with you guys - because that is what it is all about."
Lisbeth Johansen
Founder, LittleBigHelp

What is the LittleBigHelp approach?

What is the LittleBigHelp approach?

LittleBigHelp’s strategy for helping others has changed over the years from mainly responding to the direct consequences of poverty to focusing on sustainable preventative work.

The belief is that by empowering individuals, they will be able to break the cycle of poverty. The organization gives people the support, skills, and tools they need to create a brighter future for themselves, their family, and their community. Teach a person to fish rather than just give the fish. The belief is that this will have a lasting effect that will ripple down generations and really change things. Without the support and involvement of the local communities, there is no success in the work that LittleBigHelp is doing. The Kolkata team members’ invaluable knowledge about local conditions, culture, and challenges is detrimental to the success of their work, and without them, they wouldn’t be able to fully understand the struggles of people living in these conditions.

Through awareness-raising, education, and child protection, they work with local communities to empower and secure the rights of vulnerable people in West Bengal, India. While they cannot help everybody, their belief is that everybody can help some. Through their 25 projects in India, they support eight of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

You can read more about LittleBigHelp, their approach, and how they make a difference by clicking here.

And if you want to support as well – You can do it here.

Thank you for your support – Happy Holidays from Intellishore & LittleBigHelp

In 2021 we chose to change our Christmas tradition when we dropped our classic Christmas book for close friends, family, and network. Instead, we decided to do our Christmas greeting differently, and we chose to repeat that in 2022 & 2023!

Because we believe that good actions, intentions, and energies spread like ripples in the water, in 2022 and 2023, we chose again to use our Christmas funds to support people who make a positive difference in the world. Our journey and work with LittleBigHelp are not over, and that is why we are once again supporting them, empowering individuals in India to create a better future.

A special Christmas gift from Intellishore & LittleBigHelp

A special Christmas gift from Intellishore & LittleBigHelp

At Christmas time we have traditionally, sent a book with personal greetings for Christmas to dear friends, family, and network, but in 2021 we decided to make our Christmas greeting a little different. At Intellishore we want to take action for a better tomorrow and we believe in good karma and relations.

Therefore, we used our x-mas funds to support LittleBigHelp, which actively works towards providing children in India with a better future. And instead of books, we are sending personal online greetings to our customers from us and our new friends in India.

As part of the project, Rachel Ploug Kahlke, Project Manager at LittleBigHelp, and Lisbeth Johansen, Founder of LittleBigHelp brought a little Christmas to Kolkata, where the children were allowed to play and get a break from their everyday life. They loved it and sent this special Christmas greeting back.

Karma. Always.

Karma. Always.

“We always told each other we want to make a dent in the universe and we want to do it the right way with good karma in mind. We are passionate people and we love people that go for what they believe in. And that is exactly what we found when we met Lisbeth and Rachel. They are true power women that want to make a difference in the world with the right values. Therefore, we quickly agreed that this was something we wanted to support.”

Sonu Banga, Founding Partner

“Both Sonu and I have roots back to India and we have been blessed with good life thanks to our families. Not all people have access to education and basic needs but if we can help just one person have a better life by supporting an organization like LittleBigHelp that is true karma and meaning. We want to give back to our communities and roots which is why we want to help an organization like LittleBigHelp that do it the right way with the right values”

Amit Luthra, Founding Partner


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