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To be more specific… The Gartner Magic Quadrant for Analytics and Business Intelligence Platforms 2023.

At Intellishore, we are crazy about technology, and in this year’s Quadrant, both Microsoft, Tableau, and Qlik have yet again performed well. We have asked three of our tech heads to read the 2023 report and give their spotlight view on the different technologies. You can read their take below the submission box.

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“Microsoft Power BI has exceptional integration with other Microsoft 365 products and easy presentation of completed reports via Teams and SharePoint. Power BI has undergone tremendous development and has a habit of introducing new features every month.

Power BI has an approach to report development that satisfies most business users and feels natural and familiar to most Excel users. BI developers have been missing some more developer-friendly tools and options, which are partly fulfilled with Fabric, where additional developer tools like version control and governance are added.

Microsoft Power BI offers different pricing models that cover small to large companies. The straightforward approach to report development and publishing should be weighed against the risk of quickly creating a data silo state, so it needs to be closely monitored to ensure data integrity.” /Alex Beck Frugaard, Snr. Specialist at Intellishore


“Another year, another rank as Leader for Qlik in the Gartner Magic Quadrant. The focus from Qlik continues to be centered around the Qlik Cloud – and what a year it has been.

In the past year, we have seen many significant advances in improving the development experience – with introductions of automatic versioning of code and the ability to co-develop on all aspects of an app are really some valuable additions. Qlik has also invested a lot in integrating App Automation and AutoML in the Qlik Cloud, which I think has been very successful.

In the coming time, it will also be very interesting to follow the acquisition of Talend and how it will complement the current Qlik Data Fabric setup along with a more simple license model, as Gartner also points out. Qlik still remains a strong option in the BI & Data Integration space and is currently the only major cloud-agnostic tool, which I also see as a great advantage.” /Adam Grønbeck Andersen, Partner at Intellishore


“It is not without reason that Tableau is a Leader in Gartner’s magic quadrant. It is intuitive to use and offers a high degree of customizability, both in terms of analytical capabilities and visual formatting.

Tableau is still very agnostic in terms of connectors to other systems, but it will be interesting to see in which direction it will develop now, being owned by Salesforce with a focus on CRM. Moreover, Tableau has a solid online community that is ready to help with any kind of request. On the other side, I must agree with Gartner that the support offered by the vendor has issues regarding responding times which can be very frustrating for users.

Finally, while Tableau is putting in a lot of effort moving its offerings to Tableau Cloud, the cloud version still needs some features that you currently get on with on-prem products Tableau Desktop/Server.” /Marie-Christin Henkelmann, Senior Consultant at Intellishore

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