Who We Are

Leverage data for insightful decisions, enlight organizations to catalyze behavioral change, realize potential and greater performance. We ignite data and engage people.


We believe that combining the forces of highly skilled Management Consultants and Technical Wizards will pave future roads with success. Small and agile businesses are disrupting markets with faster and better adoption of emerging technologies. It is imperative to adapt, otherwise companies – small and big – will be left behind.

We are Intellishorians – business-minded people enabling companies to slingshot into the future.

Applied Networks & Practices

The people and places that inspire us and serve as a perpetual source of new knowledge to catalyze our business into new avenues of growth. We enjoy working with tools that are at the forefront of technology and constantly help us innovate and deliver powerful solutions.

We believe in good Karma, strong DNA
& Relations above all

Global Reach

We have a global mindset and our projects as well as partnerships, conferences and seminars continuously expand our global reach.



HQ in Hellerup, Denmark

Intellishore Seminar

Each year the entire Intellishore team picks up its roots and travel to an exciting destination somewhere in the world. The destination is even kept a secret right up until everyone gathers at the airport.
The seminar stretches over a full week and focus is on knowledge sharing, teambuilding and of course new strategic initiatives. We thrive when we experience and learn about new cultures and the annual seminar plays a pivotal role in keeping our cultural edge. After London, India, South Africa, Tokyo and Shanghai we are excited to see where we will go next.

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