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AI is undeniably mission-critical. It is a generation-defining technology with the potential to reshape every industry, every business service, every customer interaction. But 87% of organizations struggle with production delays. The connection between data science and business impact can be unclear. And operations remain dangerously immature.

DataRobot’s AI Cloud platform is designed for today’s challenges and opportunities facing organizations. It turns the possibilities of AI into tangible realities. Read on to find out how. 



DataRobot AI Cloud

A decade in the making, DataRobot AI Cloud is a first-of-its-kind solution. It offers organizations a unified environment built for the next generation of intelligent businesses. DataRobot AI Cloud serves as a single platform to accelerate the delivery of AI to production for every organization. 

The end-to-end platform brings together disparate data and users, spanning expert data scientists to IT operators to business analysts, through enhanced collaboration and continuous optimization across the entire AI lifecycle. Built as a multi-cloud platform, DataRobot AI Cloud enables organizations to run on any combination of public clouds, data centers, or at the edge, with governance to protect and secure your business.


What makes this DataRobot so special?

What makes this DataRobot so special?

Data Scientists love projects that challenge their knowledge, skills, and competencies. Often there is no need for complex solutions to arrive at a satisfactory result – but can the satisfactory solution be an off-the-shelf product?!

Why not start by researching what off-the-shelf products can offer before embarking on a longer AI project, which often only after weeks provides an insight into what can be expected from the result and time horizon for the project.

DataRobots is especially a really strong product when it comes to AutoML. It does not require a Ph.D. to use the product and after very few days of using the product, you will be able to test +100 models and get presented the best result. Also, their MLops is a very strong platform that offers a center of excellence for your production AI. This gives you a single place to deploy, monitor, manage, and govern all your models in production. In my world, this should be a benchmark and a point of reference to assess whether there is a need to improve performance or whether it is good enough and if time is better spent on the next use case.

In addition to the powerful AutoML part, DataRobots is also an end-to-end product. It can be connected to data, it can be cleaned, the model can be made, tested, put into production, and advanced monitored. Other tools often cover parts of the value chain, but with DataRobot you get a fast platform where everything you could imagine is available.

Anders Boje Hertz
Head of AI & Data Platforms at Intellishore

DataRobot AI Cloud delivers unique advantages to organizations:

DataRobot AI Cloud delivers unique advantages to organizations:


    • Single platform for all users, unifying data scientists, analytics experts, IT, and the business
    • Single view of all data from any source, any type
    • Unified, end-to-end platform across the AI lifecycle
    • Clear and trusted business outcomes
    • Deployed and operated at scale on any cloud, in the data center, and at the edge
    • Modular and extensible, building on existing investments in applications, infrastructure, and IT operations systems


You can learn more from DataRobot’s customer library here.

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Accelerate From Where You Are

DataRobot AI Cloud is powered by a strategic ecosystem of partners to extend, integrate, and build upon DataRobot. With a broad ecosystem of partners to address the complexities facing organizations today, you can go straight to solving, innovating, and impacting tomorrow. 

Their strategic partner ecosystem targets:

● Increasingly Distributed and Complex Datasets: It’s never been more important to access all relevant data to drive insights and differentiated decision intelligence. DataRobot’s strategic partnership with leaders like Snowflake helps enable this reality.

● Today’s Multi-Cloud Reality: AI Cloud spans all environments and is deployed across any public cloud, the data center, and the edge. Ensuring you can harness the power of your data, wherever it lives, you can implement DataRobot with major cloud providers including AWS, Google Cloud, and Azure.

● Monitoring, Security, and Governance: DataRobot connects to your IT operations platforms and augments your existing processes to protect the business so that AI can deliver results you trust.

● A Broad Set of Users: Integrate your preferred business intelligence partners and enterprise applications seamlessly to unite technical and non-technical users. Whether you’re using tools like Tableau, Salesforce, and ThoughtSpot, or implemented workflow action-packed ServiceNow, we support the integrations needed for teams to move from data to actionable insights using AI.


DataRobot is one of the most widely deployed and proven AI platforms in the market today, delivering over a trillion predictions for leading companies around the world. The company works across all industries and verticals, including a third of the Fortune 50.

Download their eBook – ‘10 Keys to AI Success in 2022′ to learn:

  • How to establish trust in AI within your organization
  • The importance of ethical AI and how to encode your values as you scale
  • Why Machine Learning Operations (MLOps) is essential to successful AI outcomes
  • How to tackle the issue of regulatory compliance regarding AI
  • How to decide whether to build or buy an AI solution


"We are excited to partner with Intellishore"

"We are excited to partner with Intellishore"

“AI is moving from experimental to value and becoming accessible for both Data Scientists and Business users and pure AI platforms like DataRobot are empowering them to work together. Today an estimate of 78% of businesses use AI in at least 1 business unit. In the Nordics, many companies have started experimenting with AI and now combining this approach with finding ways to scale AI across the business units while ensuring models are monitored, managed, and put into production.

Value from AI is magnified by ensuring that domain experts work on finding AI through a no-code experience and with their business knowledge can help find key AI use cases they can work with skilled Data Scientists on to make the AI results even stronger.

We are excited to partner with Intellishore – We love their belief in good karma and commitment to delivering best-of-class Data & AI consultancy and are already seeing the first success cases together. They are passionate data wizards that dare to challenge the status quo. On top of that, they are a true joy to work with and it is fun to really nerd with them to get the most value out of AI technology. To be successful with AI, I believe you need great AI technology and great experience and I recommend working with Intellishore to get access to both”

Nikolai Utzon-Meiland
AI Ecosystem Leader – North EMEA – at DataRobot

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Head of AI & Data Platforms
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