The Consulting Sandbox

The Consulting Sandbox (or Intellishore Signature Experience) is an onboarding process for the newest members of the Intellishore family. It is a multi-purpose experience in which we get to help a not-for-profit organization while using our skills and expertise within digitalization in a real-life situation. This allows the newest Intellishorians to get comfortable with some of the key frameworks and methods that we use in Intellishore on a day to day basis, while applying them pro bono to a case or organization that they’re passionate about. Applying the passions and competencies of the individual Intellishorian on a practical use case that creates real value, emphasizes and accelerates learning during the onboarding process. This is a great way for members of the Intellishore family to make a meaningful impact at an early stage in their Intellishore journey.

What are the goals of our Consulting Sandbox?

1 | Helping not-for-profit organizations
Identifying and implementing the most value-adding initiatives in the not-for-profit organization
2 | Combining skill and passion
Accelerating learning of the Intellishorian through applying his/her unique personal skills and competences with a passion driven use case that creates real value
3 | Onboarding newest Intellishorians
Providing a playground for our newest Intellishorians to get comfortable with key consultancy frameworks and methods

The Case of Transmogriffen

Transmogriffen is a volunteer-driven drop-in center for lonely and vulnerable young people aged 15-30. The volunteers facilitate activities and a safe space for the visiting youth and are also responsible for daily operations through ensuring necessary funds and setting a strategic direction.

The Challenge

As a volunteer organization, Transmogriffen is run with limited resources. Because of this, financial overview is key. We therefore set out to help Transmogriffen with creating a financial overview through an automated financial reporting system. To do this, we helped develop a set of KPIs for decision-making as well and modeling and visualizing these in a simple and intuitive manner.

The Outcome

  1. Implementation of an automated financial reporting solution that frees time and resources for expense reporting and analysis
  2. Monthly reports that allow for early detection of financial issues and facilitate efficient and strategic financial decision-making
  3. Key insights reported to the organization monthly to ensure transparency for the volunteers and enable proactivity

Do you want to know more about the project?

No matter the shape or size of your organization there is always potential for stronger utilization of your data. Are you interested in learning why and how, then don't hesitate to reach out. Coffee is on us.
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Senior Consultant
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