Business Intelligence & Analytics Strategy

To succeed with your BI&A journey a clear and tailored strategic integration process is key. It is not just a question of choosing the right technical solution –  a holistic approach incorporating all aspects of your organization’s needs and opportunities is essential to realize full value.



What is a BI&A Strategy?






A Business Intelligence & Analytics Strategy is about creating a clear and actionable roadmap with  integration between Business and IT in accordance with the overall strategic direction of the organization. The BI&A solution has to cater for the true needs of the organization in order to achieve a successful integration and ensure user adoption.



Spotlight Case: BI&A Strategy integration at DLG

DLG case


DLG’s visionary corporate strategy – DLG Leading the Way 2021 – has a need of carefully focusing and prioritizing Business Intelligence & Analytics efforts, as this is a critical lever for delivering more value to customers while working smarter.


To achieve a successful strategic integration, we helped DLG with the following tasks:




1) Help DLG prioritize BI&A initiatives to ignite the 2021 corporate strategy


2) Assess and secure user adoption of business intelligence and ’the new data agenda’


3) Support DLG’s BI team to drive the technical and cultural journey



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“Intellishore has shown a deep understanding of our business and data needs – leading to a tailored BI & Analytics roadmap to support our 2021 strategy with strong management buy-in” Nicholas Olsen-Stryhn, BI Manager


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