The first ever seminar was held in the British capital
In 2015, the seminar was held in the capital of India - an amazing multi-cultural experience
In 2016, Intellishore went to the beautiful capital on the southwest coast of South Africa
In 2017 the trip went to the capital of Japan - a technological and cultural marvel
In 2018, we went to the largest city in China and one of the industrial hubs of the world
In 2019, we all went on an amazing trip to the desert city in the Emirates

In 2020, we had an amazing seminar at the gorgeous Hotel Skodsborg.
This year, the destination is the beautiful and raw Iceland that is waiting when we are traveling to Reykjavïk
The German capital offered a seminar with deep talks and inspirational discussions!
10 year anniversary in London baby! Back where the first seminar happened!

Strategizing & team-building with Intellishore

Moments from Iceland


Every year in May, all Intellishorians leave behind their daily tasks to assemble for the annual Strategic Seminar. Together, we experience a change in scenery and gather inspiration to help set the strategic direction for the coming year.

The seminar includes full days of dynamic workshops and knowledge-sharing sessions where we work in new constellations and focus on shared understandings of our own business and our clients’ potential. Beyond strategizing, we build up the team with action-packed activities, amazing local food experiences, and, of course, an epic night out!

After London, New Delhi, Cape Town, Tokyo, Shanghai, Dubai, Iceland, and Berlin we are excited to see where we will go next.

Moments from Dubai


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