Attending this year’s annual conference, Qlik Connect 2024 in Orlando, was like entering a vibrant hub of innovation and insight. It was also a fond return to Orlando, where it has been six years since the last time the conference was held here. This year I had the pleasure of attending together with dear colleagues in INTELLISHORE – Mikkel Møller Andersen, MD from our Swiss office, Sofie Jagd Christensen, Senior Qlik specialist, and finally, a dear customer Mikkel Hecht Hansen, Head of BI at Nordisk Film.

Before the actual event, we also had the opportunity to explore the area a bit, but there is no doubt that there is always this buzz of excitement that can be hard to describe before the event kicks off and the first keynote, where the expectations always are very high – what will be announced?

GenAI is almost all that everybody is talking about – and very happy to see that it is something that Qlik is also taking dead serious with the release of Qlik Answers during the opening keynote from Mike Capone!

The new enterprise-ready genAI-driven answer engine is based on your contextual unstructured data sources that lie within all big organizations. I am also happy to see how easy it is to set up and make unstructured data repositories and assistants in minutes – and in a secure and safe way without your data leaving your premises. The release is planned to be in July – super excited to get my hands dirty and try out this new piece of technology!

Limitless Analytics

Limitless Analytics

Again this year, myself and Mikkel Hecht had the pleasure of once again delivering a presentation on the amazing Qlik journey that Nordisk Film has been on for the past 7 years, now entering the era of limitless analytics with the new capacity model and also the transformation into modern data pipelines using Qlik Cloud Data Transformation. I am personally super excited to see how Nordisk Film will be next year.

For me personally, Qlik Connect is also really about getting to hear all those interesting product roadmap sessions delivered live – and there are loads of those at the conference, like the visualizations, reporting, QCDI, etc. Lots of good stuff.

Other notable sessions at Qlik Connect 2024 spanded across other amazing customer stories like Paul Catani from KONEand his presentation on jouney into Qlik Cloud – and some clever use of rolebased approch to the classic exercise of making compelling dashboards.

Catching up

Being part of the #QlikPartnerAmassador program is also really an honor, and once again, Qlik is really making sure we are welcomed with some extra cool merch and a well-planned reception on the first day, getting to catch up with all the fellow Partner Ambassadors and Luminaries. Thanks for all the hard work in putting this together Sarah Urbiss and Michael Fawcett – looking forward to see you later this year in Lund.

Universal farewell

Universal farewell

On day three it was time to say goodbye and round of the event with the traditional appreciation event, which this year included exclusively and private access to Jurassic Park and Harry Potter in Universal Theme park for the whole evening. I must say that the VelociCoaster was a tough one to cope with.

Until next year – see you around on regional events, and please feel free to get in contact in case there is anything you would like to discuss!

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