Our Approach

Our unique services combine the world of Business Intelligence &
Advanced Analytics with Organizational Change Management.
With the right strategy we enable organizations to utilize data and create
actionable insights unlocking cost efficiencies and growth potential.
By applying best practises and proven end-to-end processes
we help our customers succeed on their digital transformation.


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In short, our approach consists of five steps: Direct, Explore, Create, Anchor & Evolve. The five steps are conducted iteratively and the continuous involvement of the right business and technical people as well as the flexible nature of the process are proven to deliver great value.


We establish direction through a strong and well documented framework and process foundation. Firstly, we assist organizations to establish an understanding of current data utilization and maturity across selected business areas and global processes – usually based on a Gartner framework as a maturity reference. Secondly, future business requirements are captured to establish a fit-for-purpose BI & Analytics strategy – the cornerstone of our delivery. With proper facilitation and adequate involvement of key stakeholders we ensure a transparent process and consequently a broader commitment to the finalized strategy.


In our explore and creation process, we take an iterative approach entailing prototyping and continuous business involvement while utilizing cutting edge technology knowledge to ensure a business value driven approach. The outcome is a dynamic and analytical single platform solution leveraging both internal and external data to provide easy accessible business and market insights.



In our experience a lot of excellent solutions fail to deliver full value due to poor user adoption. It is of utmost importance to carefully plan both the technical “Go-live” as well as the organizational roll out. With our proven approach we ensure an effective anchoring process in the organization resulting in fast and extensive user adoption – delivering more value to the whole organization.


Ever changing business needs and emerging technologies require continuous evolvement of any Business Intelligence & Advanced Analytics solution. In close collaboration with the organization we assist with thorough evaluation of business value before embarking on adoption of new technologies and development projects. Also we help ensure adequate tracking of value realization to ensure that expected benefits and level of ROI are achieved for the Business Intelligence & Advanced Analytics solutions


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