Global Performance Optimization

How to manage global change in a company that operates locally?

The challenge

For Novo Nordisk, reporting with traditional KPIs, LIMITED INSIGHTS and provided no portfolio view.

There was a tangible uncertainty regarding the value of launch report with stakeholders.

Issue with burning the platform to update content prior to product launches.


cost saving potential

Identified a cost saving potential on external market data purchase of 50-70% of weekly budget

The approach

to assess four key project drivers:

1) Tracker value today, including
overview of relevant KPIs and platforms.

2) Opportunities to reduce data cost.

3) Potential external pre-launch KPIs,
including attractiveness of each KPI.

4) Blueprint for changes required to
deliver additional insights post-launch.

2.25 MIL.

DKK potential annual savings

The outcome

IDENTIFIED A STRONG NEED TO IMPROVE THE LEVEL OF INSIGHT in the tracker through improved qualitative insights and additional focus on patient & market access data.

Identified a cost saving potential on external data sources of 50-70 % of weekly budget; amounting to a potential 2.25 mDKK in annual savings.

External pre-launch KPIs should not be used directly in the tracker, due to limited value or cost/compliance barriers.

Identified needed changes and established actionable roadmap.


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