Creating a Business Insights Portal

How to deliver a sales-oriented BI portal?

The challenge

Novo Nordisk International Operations needed a BI portal with easily accessible and transparent market intelligence in order to maintain their global market leadership.

Previously, the organization had found that its analytical processes were often too lengthy, cumbersome and based on an over-reliance on Excel.

The proposed platform should be a central hub for all sales-oriented data and analytics to support insight-driven decision-making.

Anchored in



The solution was transitioned to Novo Nordisk Global Service Center and anchored in a user base across more than 170 countries

“The business insights portal developed by Intellishore has become the platform for management reporting across 175+ countries. The dashboard now stands as a fast data retrieval and strong analytical platform to support insight driven decision making based on facts. As a result, key market data and competitor intelligence are now integral parts of regular global management reporting and together form a powerful tool for Novo Nordisk to prioritise our efforts in the industry.” Business Insights Manager, Novo Nordisk

The approach

Using a modular approach to develop a dashboard consisting of market share data, price development, competitor intelligence and sales force data, built iteratively to a single portal.

Focusing on global roll-out and business usage through focused change management.

Applying learning loop to transition newly implemented BI portal modules to GSC.



The outcome

BI portal dashboard developed in Qlik consisting of:
1) Market share data, both realized and forecast
2) Price development and analysis
3) Competitor intelligence

ENHANCED INSIGHTS – One source of truth improved decisions

OPTIMIZED EFFICIENCY – Reduced time spent on discussing data quality

HIGHER PERFORMANCE – Increased sales through focused efforts

Successful anchoring and adoption of solution across 140+ countries (now increased to 175+)


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