Increasing User Adoption

How to radically boost global user adoption?

The challenge

The health and safety solution that was developed and deployed in Maersk Oil was TOO COMPLEX AND LACKED TRANSPARENCY.

The solution lacked usability and an intuitive user experience, while there existed a general lack of data democratization and transparency across the Maersk Oil organization.

Finally, the existing dashboards were not properly embedded within processes and further lacked a governance framework.


Increase in unique users

After deployment, the number of unique users rose from approx. 1.000 to almost 2.050.

The approach

User experience optimization in collaboration with key stakeholders in order to deliver the right information, to the right people, at the right time.

Appliance of best practice visualization techniques in order to enhance insights.

Data and insight democratization through embedment of high-level insights on global intranet, allowing users to access with ease.

45 % reduction in global injuries

49 % reduction in high
potential incidents globally


Increase in daily user sessions

The outcome

+107 % increase in unique users.
+227 % increase in dashboard views.
+518 % increase in daily dashboard sessions per. Month.

The outcome from these metrics resulted in a 45 % REDUCTION IN GLOBAL INJURIES and 49 % reduction in global high potential incidents since the roll out.


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