Managing Change Engagement

How to deliver on targets, while managing large-scale transformation?

The challenge

Maersk Line has a long history of failing to realize intended benefits of large strategic programs due to limited ability to sufficiently define, anchor and track benefits.

Multiple programs and projects, working with numerous different ways of managing change – have created an organization that MANAGES CHANGE IN SILOS WITH LOW ABILITY TO BUILD INTERNAL CAPABILITIES and leverage synergies across business units.

Finally, anchoring of new way of working in the business has been very challenging.

Change Engagement Model

Establishing vision and roadmap with executive leadership for driving digital change.

“With Intellishore’s passion for people and hands-on approach, we have taken a great step forward in the way we work with transformation. We have embedded best practice transformation methodologies across the strategic portfolio with executive support and good results” Head of Business Change, Maersk Line

The approach

Establishing vision and roadmap with executive leadership for how to drive change.

Creating and implementing a standard approach to digital change: CHANGE ENGAGEMENT MODEL.

Focusing on building in-house change management capabilities.


Score on value in applying the
Change Engagement Model

The outcome

Enabled a strong reduction in risk of project failure while securing faster implementation.

The added transparency in benefit realization is now driving top-down prioritization.

SECURED THE REALIZATION OF INTENDED BENEFITS via anchoring of business ownership and managing change resistors and efficiencies.


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