Business Intelligence in strategy 2021

Close cooperation with DLG to align business intelligence agenda with their 2021 strategy


DLG’s visionary corporate strategy – DLG Leading the Way 2021 – has a burning need of carefully focusing and prioritizing BI & Analytics efforts, as this is a critical lever for delivering more value to customers while working smarter.

It is imperative for our business to leverage data to reach their strategic goals. Today BI & Analytics maturity is low and manual reporting is far too dominant – while the appetite for better tools and more data is inherent

The tasks presented to Intellishore:

1) Help to prioritize BI&A initiatives to ignite the 2021 strategy
2) Assess and secure adoption of BI and ’the new data agenda’
3) Support DLG’s BI team to drive the technical and cultural journey



Create a clear and actionable link from strategic focus areas to core decision-makers in the business – leveraging intuitive tools and making it personal

The approach

Engage DLG’s BI responsible to carry out 1:1 interviews with 14 key opinion leaders across 4 major BUs and 3 countries with focus on gaining insights into 2021 strategy and BI&A needs.

Assessment of BI&A maturity from a business and technical point of view – while deploying bespoke BI roadmap towards the business.

“Through a structured process and great cooperation with creative minds, Intellishore has shown a deep understanding of our business and data needs – leading to a tailored BI & Analytics roadmap to support our 2021 strategy with strong management buy-in.” BI Manager, Nicholas Olsen-Stryhn


Presenting a thorough and ambitious BI roadmap tailored for DLG’s 2021 strategy secured commitment with DLG’s C-level BI Board.

Effective execution of several BI & Analytics initiatives has now been launched based on an intuitive and thought through foundation.

If you want to know more about our approach and results don’t hesitate to reach out!

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