Explorative First Mover

Sikkerhedsstyrelsen had an ambition to become more proactive in their work through predictive analysis by leveraging external data collaborations

Digital Use Cases
identified and evaluated
Digital Use Cases
evaluated as high-value/high-priority projects - to be implemented in wave 1
Digital Use Cases
evaluated as high-value implementation projects - to be implemented in wave 2 & 3

The Challenge

Sikkerhedsstyrelsen had a clear vision to become more data-driven by leveraging external data sources to expand their decision-making foundation.

They already had a strong digital agenda but needed support to identify the possibilities of data collaborations to strengthen their national monitoring processes.

The Outcome

The Outcome

For Sikkerhedsstyrelsen to succeed with their ambition to apply external data to bring even faster and better information to the Danish population, Intellishore helped them by:

1) Identifying, evaluating and prioritizing  external use-cases for delivering more-for-less

2) Anchoring use-cases with high impact potential directly into their strategic portfolio

The analysis was conducted in close collaboration with the CEO, the management, and the head of sections and one of the great results has been a catalyst to eliminate dangerous goods coming into Denmark.

An example of dangerous goods is mobile chargers, that do not live up to the Danish safety standards and may ignite spontaneously. With the external data partnerships Sikkerhedstyrelsen has become better equipped to identify such products and with this data are also working to become less reactive and predict what products may be harmful or dangerous before they enter Denmark.

This is all enabled by strategic data partnerships with a line of actors, such as Customs control, Transport organizations, carriers, and e-commerce.

"Together with Intellishore, we have succeeded in identifying high potential data-partnerships enabling us to deliver higher safety for Danish citizens - in a more efficient manner"
Lone Saaby
CEO, Sikkerhedsstyrelsen

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