Net Working Capital Optimization

Optimizing LEO’s cash utilization by making Net Working Capital a performance parameter
have provided inputs throughout the project
from scoping to publication of first performance reports
End Users
are using the tool for reporting and analysis in LEO Pharma

The Challenge

LEO Pharma realized the need to free up cash tied in Net Working Capital in order to meet their 2025-strategy with an increased focus on R&D innovation and acquisitions.

This called for a common and dynamic platform with a standard set of measures for reporting and analytical purposes.

Therefore, LEO Pharma asked Intellishore to ensure the requested business value throughout product development. We achieved this by:
1) Engaging with the business throughout the entire process
2) Setting a clear and actionable direction for enabling analytics
3) Sustaining true business value by anchoring the solution within the organization

LEO Pharma - Networking Capital

The Outcome

By managing the process in two sprints each covering three months, business was provided the solution early in the project phase allowing them to provide feedback to be developed in the second sprint. This yielded in a solution:

1) One global standardized view directly applicable for reporting and analytical purposes

2) Dynamic platform providing actionable insights

3) Platform enabling users to be self-driven facilitating optimization activities

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Data and BI tools are key to accelerating and coordinating NWC optimization initiatives. Based on our recent client work, we have outlined some key ways to get started, and enablers to win.

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